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Branclear strives to provide the largest variety of cosmetic colored contact lenses at the best possible prices. Prioritizing your health above all, we take great care to ensure that all our products meet international quality standards and are approved for safe use.

We maintain a high standard of the products that we offer to our clients. Our pledge to offering quality products at the best prices is achieved as we source items from only reputable companies and foster good relationships directly with the manufacturers.

Having served tens of thousands of customers globally, we’re committed to providing you a 5-star experience: fresh, quality products paired with consistently professional customer service.



Circle lenses — known as “big eye con/color con/doll eye contacts” in Asia — originated in South Korea in around 2005, and were made popular by Asian celebrities and models.

The coloured portion of the lens covers an area larger than the average human iris (12.8 mm). This manipulates the ratio between the iris, whites and opening of the eye, giving the appearance of a larger iris and an overall youthful face. Available in a variety of patterns and diameters, circle lenses can multiple effects, ranging from natural-looking to super bold and color-than-life.

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